June 13, 2018 / Business asset tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking is No Longer Just for Large Fleets! Here’s Why.


In the past, GPS fleet tracking has typically been reserved for large companies, while smaller businesses like start-ups and family-owned operations were left dark and disconnected. Today, there are many different ways to track company vehicles around the world, regardless of the size of your fleet. With devices like Veriot Venture, it’s never been easier to keep a close eye on your goods and vehicles, to improve customer service and efficiency. Today, let’s look at how GPS fleet tracking can benefit companies with smaller fleets.

Planning Accuracy

A key feature of GPS fleet tracking is being able to check your vehicles any time and no matter where they are. You can quickly and efficiently plan the best delivery routes and streamline your operations. Accurate planning allows for better fleet efficiency and more reliable services by your company, which customers will appreciate as well. Combined with the ability to receive alerts when your vehicles arrive at or depart from specific locations, you’ll be in the know the whole time.

More Efficient Control

Being able to efficiently manage and control your fleet operations is essential. With GPS tracking, each vehicle in your fleet can be remotely checked to verify its location. Some GPS tracking services also include movement history tracking. This will lead to improved vehicle and driver performance over time, especially when using real-time tracking services.


You can expect to reduce operating costs by tracking your fleet. By measuring vehicle and driver performance, calculating delivery times, and using data from these services to improve efficiency, you’ll undoubtedly notice an increase in production and customer satisfaction. Operating costs will also be reduced by identifying problem areas quickly, before they hurt the business.

With products such as Veriot Venture, simplified small fleet tracking is now easily accessible, cost-effective, and a sure way to maximize business performance. For more information about Veriot’s Venture, contact us today!

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