May 15, 2018 / Business asset tracking

Photographers Turn to Technology to Keep Equipment in View


Living the life of a photographer involves carting around a whole lot of gear. Depending on what you shoot, you may need to bring along anything from half a dozen lenses, carrying cases, tripods, external flashes, battery packs and even a computer. The sheer number of accessories and items that are needed to achieve the perfect image can be surprising, so it’s a given that many photographers worry about keeping track of everything. 20 years ago, there was little else that could be done other than keeping everything close by and hoping for the best. But today, technology helps photographers keep their equipment in view.

Travel Without Hassle

Even though cameras and their components are getting lighter and more compact, it doesn’t mean that travelling as a photographer is without its burdens. When on the road, it’s a good idea to reduce the amount of hassle as much as possible, helping you remain firmly locked onto your creative vision sans distraction. Reducing your stress won’t just help with your work while you’re on the move – it’ll help with your mood too!

With GPS tracking technology, it’s never been easier for photographers to ensure greater peace of mind when traveling with their valuable equipment. By using a companion smartphone app and tracking GPS locator, it’s a breeze to know precisely where tagged items are. This is great for photographers who need complete focus to nail every shot.

Work Smarter

Cameras in 2018 do a lot of the work for you if you want them to (thanks, technology). For example, modern digital camera setups include ambient light sensors, stabilization systems and other components that work to make for faster, more efficient work out in the field. Sure, many master lensmen take the time to set up the perfect shot manually, but it’s nice for them to know they have these options available when needed. But having all these features comes with costs as well, so more and more photographers are looking for practical ways to protect their equipment.

Thankfully it’s never been more cost-effective or straightforward to keep your equipment in view. With sophisticated GPS tracking technology and smart companion apps that understand your surrounding environment, photography has never been more accessible. Devices such as the Veriot Venture are an ideal way to minimize worry and maximize the potential of every shot. Contact a Veriot solutions expert today at 1-844-4VERIOT (1-844-483-7468) or here to learn more this product.

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