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Giving Your Kids Independence in the Summer Months


Your kids depend on having plenty of freedom in order to make the most of those fun-filled summer days. Whether playing in the park or going to a friend’s house on their own, they need a sense of independence for a happy and healthy upbringing. Regardless of whether you have an eight- or an eighteen-year-old, parenting is a hard yet incredibly rewarding job, and it’s best to minimize stress whenever possible. A great way to do this is by giving your kids the right amount of independence when school’s out.

Staying Home Alone

We all need some quiet time to ourselves! Children are no different and can significantly benefit from quality “me” time away from the disturbances of others. Try teaching them the importance of responsibility by letting them stay home alone once in a while when they reach an appropriate age. Whether they kick back and play video games, practice a musical instrument, or play with the dog outside in the yard, it’s a great way to give them some freedom and time on their own.

Going to Camps

Summer camps are a convenient way to let your kids go on an adventure without sacrificing your peace of mind. Camps are a fantastic way to make friends, learn new skills, have plenty of fun and enjoy some fresh air—all essential aspects of any child’s upbringing. Trained camp staff will supervise and ensure that all the kids in their care are safe and doing just fine, giving you the opportunity to relax on your own as an added bonus.

Hanging Out with Friends

Some kids make friends easier than others. This can be impacted by the level of independence and self-confidence you instill in your kids from a young age. If you limit their freedom too much, they can have a more difficult time. Encourage them to hang out with friends, and work with them to ensure that they have more control over their plans for fun this summer! Whether friends of theirs are throwing a birthday party or exploring the neighbourhood on their bicycles for hours on end, it’s a good idea to let your kids join in on the fun and to allow them more independence.

Kids need to be kids, and these tips are just a few of the many ways you can work with them as a responsible yet trusting parent. If you want an added sense of assurance, GPS tracking devices like the Veriot Venture are an excellent way to keep your loved ones in sight — wherever they are!

What do you do to give your kids more control and independence? At what age would you let your child stay at home or venture out alone? Sound off in the comments section below!

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