May 30, 2018 / Personal asset tracking

Travelling Can be Stressful, But Keeping Track of Your Belongings Doesn’t Need to Be


Are you someone who zips all over the state for high-level meetings with your smartphone always in hand? Or, do you work as a festival vendor all across the country with valuable items to keep a close eye on? Whether you’re sailing for the Florida Keys with your jazz band or visiting family in another state, knowing where your valuables are at all times can ease your worries and make for a better travelling experience. With today’s powerful and user-friendly tracking devices, it’s never been easier to put those worries behind and travel with confidence. Here’s a look at what they can do for you.

Smart Connectivity

GPS tracking devices allow for the easy tracking of what’s valuable to you using the network connectivity all around us. Most of North America is always connected to LTE or Wi-Fi networks, and they continue to be made faster, more extensive and more accurate.

Knowing where your things are at a glance of your smartphone brings peace of mind and a lot less stress, helping to make travelling more of a pleasure and less of a pain. Some devices even allow for you to add frequently visited places on the map and receive alerts when the tracked belongings enter and exit them, as well as show movement histories and enable user sharing to allow friends or family to join in on the tracking fun.

The Power of GPS

Today’s most reliable tracking devices paired with smartphone connectivity utilize GPS technology – both in your phone and in the device itself – to communicate to one another. GPS tracking devices let you receive precise location details on your phone, making everything from loading the family car for a road trip to heading out for a business meeting across the country less about “Did I forget anything?” and more about focusing on the journey ahead!


If you did happen to forget something at home, on the bus, or wherever you end up between destinations, GPS tracking devices can help protect you from having to replace items – because you can find them on your phone! In an age where you can wipe your smartphone clean or have it ring an alarm remotely from a computer, it makes sense that you can easily see where your belongings are and know how to retrieve them best. It provides the peace of mind knowing what happened. In many instances, misplaced belongings are taken to a lost-and-found area or even returned to their owners if you reach out to the business or organization with the location and real-time data from your tracking app.

Travelling should be an enjoyable and stress-free experience! With intuitive and reliable tracking devices such as Veriot Venture (paired with a powerful smartphone app using real-time data), you can travel with greater confidence and fewer instances of worrying what you have on-hand.

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