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Veriot VentureVeriot Venture

Keep an eye on your children and other loved ones

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Track your children and keep your loved ones within reach

There's nothing more precious than our children and the other important people in our lives. Child GPS tracking with Veriot Venture gives you the peace of mind of seeing if your loved ones are safely where they're supposed to be. Stay connected to your kids and other loved ones, and maintain greater control over your schedule with real-time location tracking and movement history, right from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Trace your child's footsteps

Whether they're off to school or headed out to play, children are always on the move. Keep track of your child's whereabouts with Places, Venture's geofencing tool that sends you alerts when your kids enter or exit a designated area.

Track your children

Know where your teens travel

Letting your teen get behind the wheel of the family vehicle? With Venture's movement history, you can track young drivers to give them the freedom they want while keeping the peace of mind you need.

Know where your teens travel

Worry less about wandering

As your parents and grandparents get older, it's hard not to worry about their safety when they leave the house. Keep watch of your aging family members with Venture's reliable, real-time GPS elder tracking technology, so you can be alerted if they wander or get lost.

Worry less

Venture makes tracking your child easy

  • Track children and loved ones with reliable GPS technology and AT&T's cellular network
  • See movement history and monitor the real-time location of children and other loved ones on Google Maps
  • Create places, such as a school or your home, and receive alerts when the child enters or exits the area
  • Share with other family members so they too can track kids and other loved ones using their own mobile devices
  • Up to 5-day battery life gives you extended peace of mind without the need to recharge

Disclaimer: The Veriot Service is intended for use as a location tracking device only, and it is not a failsafe security, emergency system OR LIFESAVING DEVICE. Therefore, proper safety precautions should always be used when engaging in any activity, despite the use of the Veriot Service. YOU SHOULD NOT RELY ON THE VERIOT SERVICE AS AN EMERGENCY DEVICE AND WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THAT USE OF THE VERIOT SERVICE WILL ALLOW LOST OR MISSING PEOPLE, PETS, VEHICLES OR ANY OTHER ASSET USED WITH THE VERIOT SERVICE TO BE FOUND. USE OF THE VERIOT SERVICE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Read the full Veriot Terms of Service here:

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