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Veriot VentureVeriot Venture

Improve efficiency and customer service by monitoring the movement of your fleet

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Reliable fleet tracking for small business vehicles

Veriot Venture is an easy-to-use GPS fleet tracking solution for small business vehicles, enabling you to make real-time decisions to improve the efficiency of your fleet, just like the big guys do. Keep track of where your vehicles are going and get alerts when they make it to their destination, so you have the information you need to better manage your business and improve your customer service.

Track vehicles near or far

Whether your vehicles are on the next block or in the next state, Venture's battery life lasts up to five days, so you can track the whole journey without the hassle of having to recharge. You can also hardwire your Ventures into your vehicles with an optional connection kit.

Oversee the comings and goings of your business fleets

Make sure your fleets get where they're going. With Venture, you can set places such as offices, warehouses or worksites and receive alerts when your vehicles come and go.

Venture makes fleet tracking easy

  • Monitor vehicles with reliable GPS fleet tracking technology and AT&T's cellular network
  • See vehicle movement history and real-time location of your fleets on Google Maps
  • Create places, such as offices and work sites, and receive alerts when your Ventures come and go
  • Make better real-time decisions by knowing where all your Ventures are and where they're headed
  • Hardwire your Ventures into your vehicles with an optional connection kit

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