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Veriot VentureVeriot Venture

Keep an eye on the things that matter to you most

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Track personal assets and know your valuables are safe

There are certain belongings that are critical to keep in view at all times. Veriot Venture provides you with the assurance of knowing that you can locate valuables if they go missing—from musical instruments, camera equipment and sports gear to cars, ATVs and boats. Know where your camera gear or laptop bag is if left unattended. Make sure your sporting equipment is where it's supposed to be at a simple glance of your smartphone. Keep track of where your vehicles are and where they've been.

Keep an eye on your clubs

Don't let the thought of losing your golf clubs throw you off your game. It's easy to monitor your Venture from your smartphone, so you can relax in the clubhouse between rounds without worry.

Monitor your musical instruments

The show must go on! With Venture's GPS tracking technology, you can track musical instruments and find them in time for your next performance.

Put your camera kit in focus

Misplacing your camera doesn't have to mean missing out on memories. With nationwide tracking, Venture lets you monitor the location of your camera equipment when you travel.

Find your car

With Veriot Venture, wondering where your car is located is a problem of the past. Plus, Venture can be hardwired into your vehicle for added security.

Venture makes asset tracking easy

  • Track assets and protect your valuables with reliable GPS technology and AT&T's cellular network
  • See where your belongings are on Google Maps and be alerted in case they move unexpectedly
  • Venture is versatile - put it in your golf bag one day, camera kit the next and computer bag after that
  • Up to 5-day battery life means less recharging and the app tells you when your battery is running low
  • Hardwire your Venture into your vehicle with an optional connection kit

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